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What clients have to say

I am amazed by the work spirit, work speed and work quality of Lize. Most editors would only check grammar mistakes, but Lize not only examines the grammar errors, but also helps to improve the structure and analysis of my paper! She works fast to get back to me in time and this work spirit touches me! I just want to say: no regret to choose LSC!


As a non-native speaker, English writing is always a challenge. With the help of Lize's editing service, I managed to submit an English paper with perfect grammar and format to a conference and won the best PhD essay on sustainability. In her job, Lize has shown an impressive amount of energy and patience in correcting typos and checking the meaning and usage of terms in my writing. Her devotion to accuracy and details gave me a lot of confidence in my work after the editing.


Lize edited the final manuscript of my PhD thesis. Not only did Lize have a thorough eye for the English proofreading, she also paid attention to the overall formatting style of the work. She furthermore paid thorough attention to the content of the work and made sure the various arguments were written in a coherent manner. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in taking their written work to the next level.


As non-native English speaker, writing is the big challenge to me. With the Lize's editing service, manage to submit my MA paper with parfect grammar and format style which the my university need. she is sereous with her work i remember she worked in accordance with our agreement athough I was in Tanzania yet the communications between us was was in good shape to be honest she never Let me down and really enjoyed her service I recomend to those non-native English speaker and english speakers that Lize service is good and you can work with her honest speaking she is professional in editing


In the academic field, the proofreading and editing are important as it is the main idea of an academic text. For this reason, I found Interpunk service particularly helpful for my master thesis since I was running out of time and Liisi could manage to provide an excellent service within a short period of time, she can work under pressure and even on the weekends. Interpunk service really helped me to improve my marks in my thesis.